When do you need therapy ?

When is a problem bad enough to need therapy ? We all have issues , things about us that we might want to change , things that we feel out of control of, behaviors we don’t like . However this is normal and maybe it doesn’t need therapy – only you can decide. To me the tipping point is where the problem starts to affect your quality of life – when you start avoiding doing something or stop doing something because of fear.

A phobia is not where you don’t like spiders , a phobia is where you wont’ go into the garden in case you see one . If its an inconvenience then you might not bother with therapy – if it changes your life or the way you live your life then get it sorted.

Everybody deserves to really live their life – not just survive day to day. Nobody is happy all the time but we should be happy some of the time – at least once a day !

So :

Do you think about your problem a lot of the time ?

Do you feel out of control of your problem?

Do you or  anyone else in your life think your problem is getting worse ?

Is your problem affecting your quality of life ?

Are you bothered enough about your problem to really work at getting rid of it ?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then don’t wait – get help and start living .