How to be successful in 2017

So what do you consider as success  ? and what makes you happy ? Do the two match ?

There is the old saying that on our deathbed nobody wishes they spent more time at work . Work for most people is a necessity – and if we enjoy it then so much the better. If we won a million pounds then would we still work ? or would what we do with our lives change ? So is success at work what makes you happy ? Does being chairman rock your world ?

What else makes us happy ? It doesn’t have to be about money , position or power – what about other achievements ? A happy marriage ? A fulfilled life ? True friendships ? Helping other people ? Being a good parent ? Fitness ? How much effort do we put into these ?

Do you know what makes you happy ? And what stops you being happy ?

Ask yourself some questions :

What do you enjoy doing ? and what makes you happy ?

How can you do more / get more of that ?

What is the first thing you are going to do to get more happiness ?

What makes you unhappy ? How can you get less of that ?

What are the 5 things you want to do more of ?

What are the five things you want to do less of ?

Look at your answers and now set your goals for 2017


Happiness is an achievement in itself – so this year really think hard about what makes you happy and resolve to do more of that .