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 Anxiety and stress are at the root of many of problems that my clients suffer with. We all get anxious but if that anxiety becomes out of control it begins to affect your whole life and can lead to issues such as depression , panic attacks , insomnia,intrusive/ negative thoughts, low self esteem and confidence, performance nerves, fear of public speaking, phobias and OCD. On a more serious level – especially in teenagers – it can become anorexia and/or self harm. I have helped clients with all of these issues and more .

It does not matter how long you have had your problem or how bad it is – you can change. Just a few sessions can change the way you think and behave – it might be easier than you think to begin to really enjoy your life. Its not enough to just survive day to day  – everyone deserves to really live!

Anxiety is a self-protection mechanism, it teaches us to be careful and to be on our guard for potential problems. However, when it gets out of control it causes problems. Like a car alarm that goes off with every breath of wind, there is no real danger, but our unconscious is on constant red alert nonetheless. This is bad for us both mentally and physically.

Feel In Control Again

Many clients feel out of control or stuck in a rut. I use cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP to reprogram your brain so that you can once again feel in control of your life. Fighting negative thoughts and focusing on what is positive, instead of being tormented by worst case scenarios that have not happened, and are unlikely to.

You can shape your own future and look ahead with confidence.



It’s a sad fact that the number of under 18s on anti-depressant medication has risen hugely in the last 7 years. In addition, issues such as eating disorders and self-harm are increasing. This is not surprising if you consider what pressures they are facing – cyber bullying, size zero models, increasing competition for university places and low employment, and all whilst their bodies are changing and their brains are releasing enough weird and wonderful chemicals to send anyone round the bend.
I genuinely enjoy working with teenagers – they can be among the most rewarding  of my clients. The joy of teaching them how to manage anxiety and stress at a young age is that they learn coping mechanisms that will last a lifetime.
I have an enhanced  DBS check and am fully insured.



I am happy to offer a free initial telephone consultation so you can reassure yourself that this is the right therapy for you. As with all my consultations, it is in the strictest confidence.The help I give is unique to each person, as nobody is the same. It is far more effective to have a bespoke treatment plan aimed at precisely your problem.

It might not take as long as you think to make a difference. Most people only need a few sessions to feel happier and more in control. Each session lasts between 60-90 minutes and you will also be given tailor-made MP3 recordings to help accelerate your progress . My aim is to get you to to where you want to be, and who you want to be, in the quickest way possible and to give you the tools to make that change lasting.

I also offer on-line skype sessions should you be interested in working with me but are too far away to visit .

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So if you would like to book an appointment or have a free confidential chat with me please call 07884 393609 or email me at

Please do not give up – even if it is not me you see – you will find something and someone to help you.

A big thank you to Lesley….I cant believe how much progress I made in just 3 sessions. FANTASTIC! Lesley is so down to earth and friendly she will put you at ease straight away and then teach you techniques to help that are specific to your problems. The downloads and written exercises and reminders she sends after the sessions are brilliant too. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of getting help will feel better after your very first session with her.