Information For Schools


Help For Pupils

Depending on what their issue is, I can see pupils individually or in small groups. Alternatively I can run workshops on specific topics such as:

-Management of anxiety and stress

-How to deal with bullying/social media pressure

-Conquer exam nerves

-Interview techniques and confidence

-Effective communication (Parents and teenagers)

-Revision techniques

-Self harm and/or anorexia

However all schools are different so an initial meeting would be needed to assess your needs and what would be the most helpful areas to focus on.


Help For Teachers and Parents

When dealing with teenagers it is essential for mental health to manage your stress and anxiety so I offer a workshop to teach techniques aimed at helping parents and teachers to feel calm and in control at all times. We cannot always control how our teenagers behave but we can control how we react to them. They are expert at ‘ pushing our buttons’ but that only works if we react emotionally or get upset so working from a logical rather than emotional point of view is hard but effective.


Help For Schools

The hardest job for schools can be balancing the needs of the pupil, the expectations of parents and the productivity of their teachers (not to mention offsted !). More and more schools are looking for ways to help their pupils be happy and confident whilst achieving their best for themselves and their school. There are various ways in which I can help:

Calm, happy, achieving pupils

Anxious pupils are not only a concern with regard to their emotional health but they don’t achieve their best academically. Exam nerves,lack of confidence,panic attacks and insomnia are just some of the issues that can stop teenagers fulfilling their potential.

Many very bright teenagers have problems with ‘ overthinking’. Their active brains tend to skip straight to ‘ worst case scenario’ . This can be why very able pupils don’t achieve their own expectations. NLP can be very effective in helping them change their way of thinking and relaxation techniques help them manage exam nerves.

Removing barriers to achievement

The barriers to academic and personal success are often one or more of the following :

-General anxiety

-Exam nerves

-Lack of confidence

-Bad revision techniques

So it stands to reason that removing these barriers will help teenagers achieve their potential.

NLP Learning

Everybody can learn but exam success is about being able to retain and recall what has been taught. By teaching young people how to revise effectively using specific techniques that work for them it is possible to not only improve their exam success but also raise their self esteem and give them more confidence. Children who find it hard to  recall what they have been taught are often simply revising in a way that is ineffective for them. The most effective way for them ( their preferred learning techniques) will depend on their representational systems (‘rep’ systems)

Everybody sees the world in their own unique way. How we take in and process information depends on our representational systems and that has a great influence on how we retain and recall information.

The representational systems are Visual, Audio, Kinaestetic and Audio Digital and we all have a system we prefer to use which tends to dictate how we retain information and which information we recall most easily. By assessing children and giving them specific revision techniques it is not only possible to increase the ease with which they retain information but enable them to access this in exams thus improving their results.


I have a current extended DBS check and insurance. 

In order for you to satisfy yourself that this service would be valuable to your school , and so that you can get to know me , I offer an initial consultation and one workshop free of charge. 

Should you wish to arrange an initial meeting to discuss what i could do for your school please call me on 07884-393609 or email me on

I hope to hear from you