To sleep or not to sleep…that is the problem

There is so much fear and emotion around sleep, curing insomnia is a multi million pound business and the media can get quite hysterical about it all. So why all the panic about getting a good nights sleep ? Its probably because lying in bed exhausted but unable to sleep whilst your partner snores blissfully Continue reading »

White Wolf, Black Wolf

So, a story : Once upon a time in an African warrior had a vivid dream . In this dream he saw two wolves fighting to the death , one was white the other black. They were both strong animals and the fight was vicious . He was captivated by this and in his dream he was watching Continue reading »

The Illusion Of Control

This is similar to the illusion of normality-it doesn’t really exist .Many issues start with the fear of feeling ‘out of control’. For example fear of flying or being driven stems from the panic that you are not in control of whats happening.So avoiding the situation can make you feel safer, more in charge but Continue reading »

Happy New Year ?

I hate specific New Year Resolutions , most people set unrealistic lists of stuff they ‘ should ‘ do which last until about mid January before they ‘ fail’ . This gives us a wonderful opportunity to start the year with feelings of guilt , failure and self disgust, happy new year ? So when Continue reading »

Exam nerves – its that time of year again !

Tips for helping your anxious teenager So here we go – Exam time. Schools are ramping up the pressure and our teenagers are feeling the weight of expectation upon them. Whether its GCSE’s, AS levels or A levels our kids are under enormous strain , its hard enough being a teenager with all the anxiety Continue reading »

Anxiety is something you do , not something you are

You often hear it ‘ I’m a worrier’ or ‘ my mum and my grandmother had panic attacks – it runs in the family’  as if anxiety was written into their DNA- inherited. As far as I am aware no baby is born anxious. There is a massive difference between something we inherit and something Continue reading »

How to be successful in 2017

So what do you consider as success  ? and what makes you happy ? Do the two match ? There is the old saying that on our deathbed nobody wishes they spent more time at work . Work for most people is a necessity – and if we enjoy it then so much the better. Continue reading »