White Wolf, Black Wolf

So, a story :

Once upon a time in an African warrior had a vivid dream . In this dream he saw two wolves fighting to the death , one was white the other black. They were both strong animals and the fight was vicious . He was captivated by this and in his dream he was watching them tear at each other and he knew that this was somehow linked to him, but he woke up before the fight ended. So he rushed off to the village wise man and asked for an explanation of his dream.

The wolves are the two sides of you ‘ said the old man gravely ‘ they are fighting for your life. The black wolf is your fear , your hatred, your self loathing , your misery , your anxiety. They white wolf is your love, your joy , your friends and family , your hope, your happiness’

I understand ‘ said the man ‘ but I need to know, they were fighting to the death …which wolf won ?’

The wise man smiled at him and replied ‘ The one you feed the most’.


and the moral of this story is ……feed your white wolf !