Don’t wait for the storm to pass , learn to dance in the rain

If you are waiting for life to get easier or to solve your problems for you then you might have a long long wait. I am sure that there are a few lucky people who drift from one cloud of bliss to the next but if they exist they are few and far between. The vast majority of us have worries,anxiety,problems and frustrations in our lives. Whether they come from work or relationships or children doesn’t matter , nobodies life runs smoothly all the time. So waiting for a calm patch where everything is rosy may mean that you wake up one day and realise how many years you have wasted waiting for that perfect, trouble free life to emerge and how many opportunities you have missed in the meantime.

So grab life by the b***s now ! Don’t wait! It is possible to have happy moments even in the midst of anxiety and if you don’t know how then get help. Focus on what you can do to sort out your problems, do it then put the rest aside for now.

What is fun for you ? Do it

What have you always wanted to try ? Try it , if you can’t forget about it until you can

Phone a long lost friend

Plan a trip

Do whatever you can do that makes you happy