A truly amazing woman who really helped me through my struggle with anxiety and panic. Lesley provided me with a new lease of life , showing me how to work through my issues and the best thing of all is I know she is only a phone call away should I ever need her !



I wanted to say a long overdue thank you for your help. You helped me get out of a situation in which I did not see an end to  and for that I will be eternally grateful. While OCD thoughts come up every now and again, through your techniques I have been able to quash them easily now.



Such a lovely lady ! Really approachable . The kindest person you will ever meet. Super talented !



A wonderfully wise woman who worked wonders with my daughter. She massively helped her through some troublesome teenage years. Lesley is very easy to open up to (if my daughter can anyone can) probably because she is so obviously and genuinely caring and understanding.



Lesley was the perfect person to help me with my anxiety. She was welcoming and very understanding which made me feel comfortable and able to relax. Over the course of the lessons I feel I’ve not only progressed but learnt an awful lot which will greatly benefit me in the future. I would highly recommend Lesley !



You were a bright shinning light in a dark time – you have been wonderful.



Lesley’s friendly , incisive and intuitive approach helped me to see key issues in a totally new light and has equipped me to move forward in a much more positive manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 sessions which taught me a great deal about myself. She also introduced me to  NLP techniques which helped me over the fear of public speaking .  I would encourage anyone who is suffering from anxiety to contact her.



Lesley is extremely friendly and professional in her approach . She is also very funny and easy to talk to.



Simply marvelous ! 6 months no smoking ! Thank you thank you thank you 



Lesley has greatly helped me to decrease my anxiety and have a more relaxed attitude. I would recommend the experience as I have personnally experienced substantial changes in a short time .



Our session was one of the most helpful and life affirming hours i have ever spent ! I’ve been practicing your advice ever since.



I initially went to Lesley because I was struggling to cope with infertility and I wanted to refocus my life on other things than having a baby. Within two sessions she had enabled me to do this with my family saying that my confidence had increased as well. the best way to describe how I felt was that a permanent headache had been lifted. Since then I have been back to Lesley in relation to my Generalised Anxiety Disorder which I have suffered from for many years. She has taught me techniques to cope with the physical symptoms of anxiety and how to rationalize my thoughts , which I had trouble with. 



When I first saw Lesley I was very ‘wobbly’ and couldn’t see how I could change that. She helped me through a major upset in my life and now I feel much more positive and in control. For the first time I am looking forward to the future.



Although I only saw Lesley for a few sessions she managed to help me get rid of an issue that had been bothering me for many years – I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. She is easy to talk to and very friendly and professional. I also found the techniques she taught me very useful and they help me to feel in control of my life. I am so glad I saw Lesley and would recommend her to anyone.



I went to see Lesley in in May 2011 because I’d been pulling out my eyebrows and eyelashes for over 10 years- I had bald patches over both eyes and it was beginning to look as if the hair wasn’t going to grow back – not a good look ! By the fourth session I had long nails and patch-free eyebrows and I understood why I had been pulling and nail-biting in the first place.


Lesley was very normal which immediately made me feel comfortable – there was no ‘watch the watch or hippy dippy stuff. We talked through what I was doing and when I was most likely to pull and she explained that there were various techniques she would use some of which worked better than others of certain people. She also explained how many sessions it was likely to take to fix the problem – only 4-6 so I dint feel like I was over-committing to anything . We covered some simple tricks to change my behaviours – thinking about what I was doing and modifying the way I spoke about it.


By the second session I’d stopped biting my nails. I’ve bitten my nails since I’ve had nails and have never had much success at stopping so this was a bonus ! I did know that I always stopped when I was relaxed so clearly something was going in the right direction and my nails became a barometer for my progress with my eyebrows – nails grow faster than eyebrows. Over the next couple of sessions Lesley used various behaviour changing techniques- for me the word-weaving download worked best _ I listened to it daily (though often asleep) and that did the job, through stopping pulling was a much more gradual This last bit is probably the most important thing I got from my sessions with Lesley. Have I fallen off the wagon? Yes. Turns out that extra high stress makes me head straight back to pulling and nail biting. But I know how to recognize what I am doing and I know how to stop, so I can control when I change my behaviours back using all the techniques I learnt before. I also have applied the same thinking to everything else I want to change in my life.



A big thank you to Lesley….I cant believe how much progress I made in just 3 sessions FANTASTIC! Lesley is so down to earth and friendly she will put you at ease straight away and then teach you techniques to help that are specific to your problems. The downloads and written exercises and reminders she sends after the sessions are brilliant too. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of getting help ..you will feel better after your very first session with her.


I got in touch with Lesley a year ago when I was suffering from acute anxiety. I had lost my confidence, lost my way and had panic attacks and couldn’t unravel my confusion. Lesley looked approachable and kind – and she is . She helped me in a very short period of time to change my life and look at things in a different way. I lost my mum, my dog, my best friend, my home and my job – all in one year ! Each time i returned to Lesley and she put me on the right path again within a few sessions. If you are lost and dont know which way to turn try Lesley, she certainly has the knowledge and skill to turn your life around. I would recommend her to anyone.


Lesley has been working with my daughter who is suffering from anorexia and has been a fantastic support to us. She has a professional yet very approachable manner and is able to connect well with the workings of a teenage mind ! Lesley displays a lot of empathy and has been able to provide a wealth of practical techniques to deal with the many challenges anorexia has thrown at us. Being able to draw on these techniques helped my daughter make a lot of progress with her eating problems in a relatively short period of time and now we are dealing with some of the psychological issues that are a core part of the illness but we are confident that with Lesley’s help we can work our way through it- thank you so much for your help and positive attitude we are extremely grateful !

Lesley came to Berwin Leighton Paisner to talk about stress management and sleep problems as part of our Mental Health Awareness Week. She was extremely engaging and gave useful information on how to manage stress in our everyday lives. We came away with techniques and tips that will no doubt make a huge difference.
Robyn Guillaume-Smith


Having tried everything else I went to Lesley for help and i just wish I had tried it sooner. Professional friendly and able to pick through the muddle inside my head – great to know she is there if needed again.


I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much better I’ve been feeling after our sessions together. I am amazed that I feel so different after just a couple of sessions ! I have so much more confidence now and am doing things that i would never have tried to do before. Last weekend I was at a large event and I engaged in conversation with the host – something I would never have done in the past.

Thank you so much – you have changed my life !



Lesley helped me through a very difficult period of my life . She really helped me find my strength and courage . Best of all she taught me how to stay strong by changing my negative thinking. My confidence and self esteem has never been higher.