When do you need therapy ?

When is a problem bad enough to need therapy ? We all have issues , things about us that we might want to change , things that we feel out of control of, behaviors we don’t like . However this is normal and maybe it doesn’t need therapy – only you can decide. To me Continue reading »

TEENAGER! Brain under construction !

Teenagers are a speciality of mine – I enjoy dealing with them . Maybe because I have teenagers of my own, I have huge sympathy for them and their parents. It’s a hard time of life. To us, as parent, their life choices and rationale can be incomprehensible – they never listen to advice and Continue reading »

Insomnia – get out of your own way !

The easiest thing for your body to do is go to sleep – it needs it, in fact cannot survive without it so why do so many of us suffer from insomnia? It may not sound much – just a bad nights sleep – but as those of us who have had babies know , Continue reading »

Resilient Parenting

Everyone always talks about raising a resilient child but what about being a resilient parent ? Sometimes the hardest part of being a parent is watching your child suffer and feeling that there is nothing you can do about it – suffering by proxy I call it. We have all been there at the school Continue reading »

So What Is Normal ?

There is no such thing as ‘normal ‘ ! Many of my clients say they wish they were more like the people around them – ‘ normal’ people, and I ask them what they think ‘normal’ is exactly ? If you look at statistics 1 in 3 women become depressed at some point in their Continue reading »