Insomnia – get out of your own way !

The easiest thing for your body to do is go to sleep – it needs it, in fact cannot survive without it so why do so many of us suffer from insomnia? It may not sound much – just a bad nights sleep – but as those of us who have had babies know , lack of sleep is torture. Night after night of no sleep will eventually start to affect your cognitive abilities, your moods, your social life and your happiness.

The body is usually ready and willing to sleep so it is our minds that get in the way. This is why Hypnotherapy is so useful with insomnia because if you can distract the conscious mind then the body can do what it needs to do and go to sleep. However one of the most important things to do to help you sleep is relax BEFORE you get into bed not after. If you go to bed wide awake and stressed then you run the risk of your mind refusing to shut down and then you are in that horrible situation of twisting and turning into the small hours. By making time to relax before bed you will stand much more chance of falling asleep easily and having a better nights sleep. Because quality of sleep is much more important than quantity and there are many ways to ensure that you get a good quality of sleep which means you wake up refreshed not still stressed.

So if we can just focus our mind on relaxing instead of panicking about lack of sleep then your body will take over and do what it does naturally – sleep !

I find that insomnia can be quite quick and easy to sort out so if you want to have a private and free chat about this or any other issue then please call me on 07884 393609. Dont put up with it !

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