Happy New Year ?

I hate specific New Year Resolutions , most people set unrealistic lists of stuff they ‘ should ‘ do which last until about mid January before they ‘ fail’ . This gives us a wonderful opportunity to start the year with feelings of guilt , failure and self disgust, happy new year ?

So when setting your New Years Resolutions keep in mind words like ‘growth’, ‘happiness’ and ‘priorities’. What do you enjoy ? Do more of that . What do you hate doing ? Do less of that . What holds you back from doing what makes you happy ?

Make non-specific and easier to achieve goals such as ‘This year I will learn something new ‘ or ‘This year I will do a new thing simply for fun’ or ‘This year I will do something out of my comfort zone’. Then simply see what happens – leave yourself open to what life brings you.

Best wishes for a fabulous 2018