Cognitive Learning

NLP Learning

Everybody can learn – everybody.Its just a question of presenting the information in the way that enables the person to retain and recall what they have been taught. By teaching children and young people how to revise effectively for them it is possible to improve their confidence, self esteem and exam success. Children who find revision hard work are often just revising in a way that is ineffective for them . The most effective method for them , their preferred learning techniques will depend on their representational system.

Representational Systems (learning preferences)

Everybody sees the world in their own unique way How we take in and process information depends on our representational systems and that has a great influence on how we learn. The representational systems are:

Visual – Where the brain processes information through the eyes

Kinaesthetic-Where the brain processes information by actively doing or feeling something.

Audio Tonal – Where the brain processes information received via the ears.

Audio Digital – Where the brain prefers to make logical sense of information received – prefers order and detail.

Working With Schools

Cognitive Learning offers an effective program for schools designed to help every child to maximize their academic potential. Understanding how they learn and what revision techniques work for them can have a significant effect on, not only exam results but their confidence and self belief.Although , obviously these techniques are extremely useful to years 10/11 and sixth form , to gain the maximum benefit it is advisable to start from an early stage – year 7/8 so that by the time they reach GCSE’s it is second nature.

The Cognitive Learning program has three stages:


The children are taught what representational systems are and  they are assessed to determine their preferred Representational systems and subsidiary systems.

The parents are sent an explanation of the program and how it will benefit their children.

The teachers are given everything they need to understand exactly what the program is and how it benefits the children, the school and themselves.


A day of workshops involving teachers and pupils to allow each child to experiment with various learning methods to enable them to discover which are the most effective for them personally.


The program is presented to the parents and advice and explanation as to how to support their children and encourage them to learn and revise in the most effective way for them.

Individual Sessions

NLP learning teaches you how you learn. In one 90 minute session I provide:

  • Assessment as to the learning style of client
  • Match study methods to the preferred learning style
  • Recommend study methods and strategies to suit client
  • Teach how to structure note taking to suit the individual
  • Provide strategies to assist recall

The whole session matches study methods to learning preferences making revision much quicker and more effective. Understanding how you learn makes you a successful life long learner.

Exam Nerves

The sad truth is when our emotions are high our logic is low and for many teenagers there is nothing more scary and emotional than taking exams . When we are nervous we don’t have access to the logical part of our brains which means that reason is also out of reach. NLP techniques can teach them how to switch from emotion to logic , self hypnosis is also very useful for feeling in control and managing stress. Many bright children feel they are ‘ bad’ at exams – it is a skill , like any other , and can be taught. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child achieve its potential.


There is also a lot of help I can offer teachers – both individually and in groups/workshops.

  • Stress management
  • Using NLP to identify pupils learning preference
  • New techniques to help struggling students.

Each program is designed to suit the school or individual so please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you .